About Ramphos

Two major models are available, but both of them could be customized for different use according to your requirements. All our models are DULV / S-LSA certified.They can operate in high wind and heavy seas. The frames are constructed of high quality aircraft grade stainless steel. The hulls are made of composite vacuum epoxy resin and enforced in kevlar and carbon material. Engine Rotax 503 - 582 - 912, Composite Propeller 2, 3 or 5 blades and Wings Coach 16.8 (quick foldable) or HZ 15S (foldable) are available to be installed.
The models have been flight tested up to 525 kg takeoff weight and Static tested +6 / -4 G force.
Water take off run is 7/10 second in less then 80 mt., with two persons on board. Landing run is less the 60 mt.
Land take off run is less then 60 mt. with two persons on board. Landing run is less the 90 mt.

The two models are:
  • Hydro can operate only of water surface. Dry weight is 198 kg.

  • Amphibian which can operate on any type of surface (land and water). Electrically operated landing gear is equipped with wide tires useful for sand and unprepared field operation. Dry weight is 224 kg, When in water the gear can be extended in order to taxi out over shore.

Basic Model

  • Epoxy resin vacuum composite white gelcot hull
  • Stainless steel frame
  • 2 blades composite propeller
  • Engine Rotax 503, 54 hp, two strokes with gearbox "B" manual start
  • Nautical ABS 50 lt. fuel tank
  • Stainless steel landing gear, electrically operated (only for Amphib version)
  • Aluminum wheels & Sand tires
  • Bildge pump
  • Grif quick foldable "Strut" wing Coach 16.8
  • Electronic instruments/gauges (RPM, airspeed ind.)
  • 4 points quick release seat belts system
  • Waterproof electrical system & 12V Battery
  • Epoxy resin seats with standard cushions

Option accessories

  • Carbon fiber propeller safety cover protection & noise abatement & incorporated strobe lights
  • Aerodynamic fins
  • Customized painting
  • Carbon fiber windshield
  • Landing lights
  • Engine Rotax 912, 80hp, four strokes
  • Engine Rotax 582 gearbox "C" - electric start
  • Engine Rotax 582 gearbox "E" - manual and electric start
  • Silenced exhaust muffler
  • Kiev propeller 3 blades
  • Kiev propeller 5 blades
  • Extra fuel pump with gascolator water/fuel filter
  • Long range fuel system 100 lt (additional 2 epoxy resin tanks in addition to standard fuel tank) & extra fuel pump)
  • Digital electronic Instrument/gauges (altimeter, vertical speed, airspeed, voltmeter, engine operation time counter, RPM, oil / water temp, engine exhaust temp, engine over temp & malfunction warning, air temp)
  • Hydroconic wheel brakes
  • Stainless disk wheel brakes
  • Carbon wheels
  • Emergency hull flotation bags system
  • Emergency 6 seconds quick opening waterproof parachute
  • Dual controls system (throttles, steering, training bars)
    NOTE: necessary only for inexperienced trike pilots or instructors
  • Microavionics intercom system (2 headsets) self powered
  • Microavionics headset self powered
  • Microavionics Radio interface powered
  • Microavionics hand bar push to talk button
  • Microavionics helmet to use over headset
  • Vertex VXA 300 aeronautical VHF radio
  • ICOM A6E aeronautical VHF radio


Seats 2
Length 3.40 m
Height 2.32 m
Wing span 10.60 m
Wing area 16.8 m2
Engine Rotax
Propeller 2/3/5 blades
Fuel tank capacity 60 L


Take off roll land 60 m - water 80 m
Landing roll land 90 m - water 50 m
Rate of climb 3.5 mpm
Glide ratio 9:1
Service ceiling 2800 m
Flying range 490 km
Maximum speed 115 km/h
Cruising speed 90 km/h
Stall speed 45 km/h
Gross weight 475 kg
Empty weight Amph 224 kg - Hydro 198 kg
Useful Load Amph 251 kg - Hydro 277 kg