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Ramphos flying boat trike first model was made in 1998. It is easy to fly even for non expert pilots. It is perfect for leisure, sight seeing tour, fishing activities, adventure journey, search & rescue, sea & river patrol, light cargo delivery, special military operation. In 1999, Ramphos began commercial production and till now 162 units were sold in 31 different countries worldwide, without having a record of any major accident Starting 2017 massive production will be implemented, to target the fast-growing Worldwide and in particular Asian market.

About Ramphos

Ramphos flying boat models are extremely easy to operate even for non-expert pilots who can fly them safely. You can even be trained, depending on your experience in few hours with customized training program. These units need only simple maintenance, that can be done any mechanic. You do not have to be an aviation expert to maintain your own flying boat as long as you follow the provided maintenance manual. Ramphos units are price wise very affordable flying boats . They could even be cheaper than buying a car. Enjoy the beauty of the sky, feel the crystal waters of the seas, and experience to be with nature while riding Ramphos. This is an absolutely a wonderful and safe flying boat that you must have.

About us

Ramphos Corporation is company which manufactures and sells the unique amphibious ultralight in the world market.

Our Products

Wide range of models are available depending on your needs. Many different accessories are available. All the unit can be customized according to your preferences.

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Please feel free to contact us to inquiry about product details, company, quotation and working with us.